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HD Fleet Technician’s Electrical Terminal Maintenance Set
  • From the front of the tractor to the back of the trailer, the HD Fleet Technician’s Electrical Terminal Maintenance Set provides the tools necessary for cleaning and maintaining the most common electrical connectors and connections found in today’s fleets.
  • 17 Piece Set
  • Deutsch, Cannon, 7 round pin trailer harness, weather pack, bullet connectors, common ABS sensor and power connectors, trailer light plugs and more.
  • Clean male and female electrical connections
  • Reduce diagnostic guesswork
  • Extend harness life
  • Maintain proper continuity

Set Includes

  • Gold 7 Round Pin Socket Harness Cleaners (2X)
  • Black ABS Sensor/Power Connector Cleaner
  • Red Trailer Light Bullet Connector Cleaner
  • Flat Male/Female Terminal Cleaners (2 sizes)
  • Diamond Coated Round Micro Files (10X)
  • DeoxIT® Contact Chemical Cleaner
  • Custom Leather-type Holster.
  • Replacement part numbers provided in the packaging.

IPA8048HD Fleet Technician’s Electrical Terminal Maintenance Set1.
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